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How to Remove Rust Stains from Porcelain Bathtubs

When you have a porcelain bathtub that has experienced rust stains, it’s important to remove them before they set permanently. In this blog titled “How to Remove Rust Stains from Porcelain Bathtubs,” we’ll teach you how to remove rust stains from your tub.

What are the Causes of Rust Stains on Porcelain in Bathtubs?

Rust can form on porcelain in bathtubs when the tub is wet, a mineral deposit forms on the porcelain and then water causes the deposit to rust. There are a few things that you can do to try to prevent rust from forming in your bathtub and to remove rust stains once they have formed:

– Keep your tub clean by using a good quality cleaning product and avoiding harsh chemicals;
– Avoid submerging your tub in water while it is still wet; this will cause the deposits to form faster;
– If rust does form, use a scrub brush to gently remove the rust deposits with warm water; avoid using harsh chemicals or scouring pads, as these could damage the porcelain. Get info about elephant decor.

How to Remove Rust Stains from Porcelain Bathtubs

Rust stains can be hard to remove, but with a bit of patience and some guidance from this article, you can get the job done.

First off, you need to identify the source of the rust. If it’s coming from the tub itself, try scrubbing it with a diluted solution of baking soda and water. If the rust is coming from the drain or water line, you will need to call a professional.

Next, start by cleaning the surface of the stain with a mild dishwashing detergent. Use a scrub brush if necessary. Be sure to work around any edges or corners that may be difficult to reach.

Once the stain is clean, use a bucket filled with lukewarm water and chlorine bleach. Mix 2 teaspoons of bleach per gallon of water. Pour the bleach mixture into the bucket and use a cloth to pour it over the stain. Let the area sit for 10 minutes before rinsing it off with cold water.

Next, use a cleaning agent specifically designed for porcelain baths: 409 Cleaner or Pure Bathroom Cleaner . Spray the stain with the cleaning agent, let it sit for a few minutes and then wipe away. Repeat this process if necessary until the porcelain is clean. Look at the ceiling decorations.

Cleaning and Cooking with Vinegar

When it comes to cleaning and cooking with vinegar, there are some simple tips that you can follow to get the job done right. Vinegar is a natural acid that works great to remove stains and odors from many surfaces, including porcelain bathtubs. Here are four tips for cleaning and cooking with vinegar:

1. Add 1 cup of white vinegar to a pot of hot water and stir until the vinegar is fully dissolved. Use this mixture to clean any surfaces that need attention, such as porcelain bathtubs.

2. To cook with vinegar, simply add it to your favorite dish or ingredients. For example, you can use it as a replacement for salt or other spices in recipes.

3. Keep a bottle of vinegar close by so you can quickly clean up any messes. Just add a tablespoon of vinegar to a wet cloth and wipe down any surface that needs cleaning.

4. When finished cleaning or cooking with vinegar, rinse all surfaces thoroughly with cold water to prevent bacteria growth. Discover diy concrete pool.


If you have rust stains on your porcelain bathtub, there are a few basic steps you can take to remove them. First, make sure the area is completely dry. Next, mix 1 cup of white vinegar with 2 tablespoons of baking soda and pour it into a spray bottle. Spray the rust stain until it disappears or until the vinegar has fizzed off. Finally, scrub the stain with a garden hose until it comes out. Find out germinating seeds in paper towel.

How to prepare the land for a healthy garden

Preparing the soil to create a healthy garden is more complex than choosing a site and digging holes to plant. First, you need to choose a location with good sun exposure, good drainage, and no root systems. Next, you need to test the soil to determine its sand and clay content. It’s also a good idea to take a sample to a garden center to check the pH level and nutrient concentrations. Then you will remove the earth, removing the rocks and roots. Lastly, you’ll need to add organic matter, and soil amendments (such as clay and sand), and flatten the entire ground before planting.

Dead To Me Season 3 Episode Review

Season 3 of the tv show dead to me brought a lot of new changes, both good and bad. After an unfortunate season 2, which was completely different from the first season, the show returned to its roots with a more serious tone. Read this blog article to find out how you can make your own content similar to Black clover season 2 you see on this show!

The Biggest Changes from Season 2 to 3

Dead To Me Season 2 ended with a bang, as Frank (Vincent D’Onofrio) and Zoey (Katherine Heigl) got married. The season 3 premiere picks up right where the season 2 finale left off, with Frank and Zoey living their life as newlyweds as well as Kengan ashura season 3..

The biggest changes from Season 2 to 3:

1. Vincent D’Onofrio’s departure – Frank’s longtime partner and best friend, Vincent, died in the Season 2 finale. This change significantly altered the show’s tone and direction, leading to the shift to a more light-hearted storyline in Season 3.
2. Katherine Heigl’s promotion – In addition to being a major character in both seasons, Zoey also becomes a series regular in Season 3. This shift results in a more dynamic story line and allows for more growth for her character.
3. New cast members – Several new cast members were added during Season 3, including Nick (Christopher Gorham), who is introduced as an old friend of Frank’s and the owner of a boxing gym; Joss (James Purefoy), whose role is still shrouded in mystery; and April (Britt Robertson), the daughter of Frank’s brother-in-law and a teenage love interest for the lead character. This leads to more dynamic storytelling, with new characters and relationships in every episode.
4. Stories take place in different locations – In addition to taking place on a ranch, Season 3 also features stories set at different locations including Arizona, Mexico, New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.
5. More time is spent in the present – While Seasons 1 & 2 focused on flashbacks and flashforwards of events that occurred before the pilot episode, Season 3 spends more time in the present with the main character still dealing with his past haunting him as he tries to find peace with his family and himself.
6. There are more supporting characters – The series has expanded its supporting characters with new family members and friends.
7. More action scenes – Season 3 adds more gunplay, fist-fights, and car chases to the mix.
8. Better acting – The cast for the series has strengthened with guest stars like Katie Holmes, Kelsey Grammer and Lacey Chabert bringing quality acting to each story line, which keeps viewers engaged in the stories of all their characters throughout the new seasons of “One Tree Hill.”
9. A completely new look – With a completely new cast of actors portraying their roles, “One Tree Hill” is no longer the teen drama it was in its first two seasons; it’s transformed into a compelling adult drama.
10. The music – The new “Taboo season 2” is jam-packed with the latest hits from the likes of Tim McGraw and Avril Lavigne to contemporary and classic rock songs.

What Loved, What Hated

I really enjoyed Dead To Me Season 1. I thought the writing was excellent, and the plot was very interesting. I thought the characters were well-developed and likable.

However, there were a few things that I didn’t like about the show. First of all, I found it difficult to follow the plotline at times. Some of the episodes seemed to be missing important details, which made it difficult to understand what was happening.

Another issue that I had was with the pacing. The episodes felt a bit slow at times, which made it difficult to get invested in the story. However, despite these minor issues, I think Dead To Me is an excellent show that is well worth watching.

Ratings and Recommendations

In Dead To Me Season 1, Tony Leung and Ki Hong Lee play a married couple who are coping with the aftermath of his wife’s death. The show is based on the novel by Charlaine Harris and follows the couple as they navigate their new lives.

The ratings for Dead To Me Season 1 were positive. On Rotten Tomatoes, it has a 97% rating, based on 24 reviews. Many reviewers praised the acting and writing, calling it “gorgeous” and “unforgettable.” Some criticize the show for its slow pacing, but overall most viewers thought it was well-made and worth watching.

If you’re interested in watching Moana 2, we recommend searching for it on Netflix or Hulu.


In the Dead To Me season 3, we saw Maeve continue to try and get closer to Frank while also working on a new business venture with Hale. Meanwhile, Eve continued to investigate her family’s history and uncovered some dark secrets. The season ended with a cliffhanger that left us eagerly waiting for the next season!

5 golden rules to enjoy traveling with a newborn

Where to go on vacation with a 3-month-old baby? You can go to any destination or almost any! Except for adventure travel, high-altitude hiking trails, and extreme weather destinations, parents shouldn’t give up their regular vacations. Traveling with a newborn is possible. You just have to know how to organize. Do you want to know how? Continue reading!

How To Grow Morning Glory (Trees)

You probably have never heard of morning glory trees before, but they can grow to be quite large and impressive. In this article, we will talk about the basic requirements for growing these flowering trees, how to care for them, how to plant them, and what you can expect in return.

Morning glory plants are easy to grow and make a great addition to any garden. They can be grown in pots or the ground and can be harvested young or allowed to mature into a large shrub. This article will teach you how to grow morning glory plants from seed and tips for caring for them once they are growing. Read also: 4 stages of plant growth

Uses of the Morning Glory Tree

The morning glory is a popular ornamental tree that can be found in many gardens. The tree has many uses, including providing shade, adding beauty to a garden, and providing wildlife habitat. The morning glory is also used as a food source for birds and other animals. Here are some ways you can use the morning glory tree in your garden:

-Shade: The morning glory can be a valuable shade tree for areas that have little or no other shade.

-Beauty: The delicate flowers and lush foliage of the morning glory make it a popular choice for ornamental trees.

-Wildlife Habitat: The flowers and leaves of the morning glory are rich in nectar, which is important for attracting birds and other wildlife.

How to Grow Morning Glory Trees

Morning glory trees are easy to grow and can be grown in pots or the ground. Morning glory tree care is minimal, but regular fertilization is important. Morning glory plants are fast-growing and can be ready to harvest within a few years.

Here are five tips for growing morning glory trees:

  1. Choose a location that receives full sun. Morning glory trees are heavy feeders and will not thrive in shaded locations.
  2. Plant morning glory tree seeds in well-drained soil in a sunny location. Morning glory plants do well in both potting soil and garden soil but prefer slightly acidic conditions. Amend the soil with peat moss if necessary.
  3. Water morning glory plants regularly when they are growing and water them deeply once they have established themselves in their new home. Be sure to remove any excess water from the root zone after watering to prevent over-watering and root rot.
  4. Prune morning glory trees regularly to maintain shape and encourage vigorous growth. Remove any dead or damaged branches as needed to maintain a healthy tree. Do not prune during the winter months as this could damage the tree’s roots. 

Taking Care of Morning Glory Plants

The morning glory is a versatile plant that can be grown in a variety of soils and climates. However, morning glories are susceptible to insects, so keeping them well-watered and pest-free is important. Here are some tips for growing morning glory plants:

  1. Plant morning glory seeds in early spring before the ground becomes too hard.
  2. Fertilize morning glory plants regularly with a balanced fertilizer that includes nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.
  3. Prune morning glory plants regularly to encourage vigorous growth. Remove old leaves and branches that are dead or damaged.
  4. Maintain a damp environment around morning Glory plants to keep them healthy and prevent them from becoming invasive.

Grow Morning Glory Indoors

Morning glory is a relatively easy flowering plant to grow. It does well in most soils but best in moist, well-drained soil. Morning glory enjoys full sun or part sun and can be propagated by dividing the roots or stem sections.

Morning glory is an evergreen shrub that grows up to 3 feet tall. It has a dense growth habit and can be propagated by root division or by seed. Morning glory can be grown in a variety of climates but is best suited for temperate zones. Morning glory prefers full sun but will tolerate partial shade. It is easy to cultivate and needs little maintenance. Morning glory is drought tolerant and can be planted in poor soils. Both root division and seed can propagate morning glory. It is tolerant of severe winter weather, wind, salt spray and drought.

Propagate morning glory by separating the plants or sections of plants. Seeds or cuttings may also propagate Morning Glory plant material. Morning glories that are grown from seed are best planted in fall to a depth of 1 inch. The seedlings should then be hardened off before full sun exposure in spring. It is best to give morning glory at least 2 years to establish before introducing new plantings into the landscape.

Growing Morning Glory from Cuttings

Morning glory is a fast-growing ornamental tree that thrives in most soil types, including clay and sandy soils. It can be propagated from cuttings taken from growing stock. The ideal time to take cuttings is in early spring, before the new growth has hardened. Make a 1-inch wide slit just below a leaf node and insert the cutting into the soil. Keep the cutting moist but not wet, and place the plant in a sunny location. After a week, remove the plant and place it in a pot. Repot the plant every spring and keep it moist until planting.

Planting Instructions: Plant an assortment of 1- to 3-inch holes as a clump, spacing them at least 12 inches apart but no closer than 18 inches apart. All parts of the plant contain a milky sap that is toxic if ingested. The sap is painful to touch and causes burning sensations on contact. It also causes swelling and tingling as it dries. The only true way to control the invasive ivy on your property is to cut it off at the root and burn it on site. This can be difficult because of the size of some plants, so do not attempt this job alone. Many landscaping companies will take care of the eradication for you, especially since they have wells of poison that they can use to kill all types of plants, including invasive ivy. 

A good rule of thumb: If you cannot see any green above ground or no part of the plant taller than a person, you should contact your local landscaping company immediately.

If you do not have a landscaping company to assist you, you can purchase the proper chemicals to kill ivy yourself. Do not attempt this on your own unless you are experienced with plants and know exactly how to get rid of invasive ivy.


As the days grow shorter and colder, it becomes more important to have trees around your home that can provide shade during the summer and help keep your home warm in the winter. There are a few different types of trees that make great morning glory plants, so if you’re interested in growing one yourself, be sure to read through this guide on how to do it. 

The 5 Best places to travel in Canada in December

Travelers looking for a beautiful place to visit in the winter months should consider Canada. The weather is usually mild, but the snowfall adds an element of magic. Travelers can explore many different parts of the country during August, such as Niagara Falls or Ottawa.

5 Best places to travel in Canada in December

Canada is a vast and beautiful country that is home to many different landscapes. If you are looking for a place to travel in December, here are five of the best places to visit. 

The 5 Best places to travel in Canada in December

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax, Nova Scotia is a great place to travel in December. The city is decorated for the holidays, and there are plenty of events and activities to enjoy. There are also many beautiful places to visit in the province, such as Peggy’s Cove and Jeddore.

What is Halifax Nova Scotia known for? For centuries, the city has been a key port on the Atlantic Ocean. Today, Halifax is known for its vibrant arts and cultural scene, as well as its rich maritime history. The city also hosts several major sporting events each year, including the annual Atlantic Canadian Football Championship and the Peabody Award-winning Halifax Comedy Festival.

Victoria & Vancouver Island

Victoria and Vancouver Island are the perfect destination to travel in December. The weather is perfect, and there are plenty of things to do. Some of the top attractions to visit in December include: 

-The Victoria Christmas Market 

-The New Year’s Eve fireworks display at Vancouver’s Stanley Park 

-Viewing the Christmas lights in Nanaimo 

-Attractions like the Ghost Ship, Lighthouse Cove, and more in Victoria 

There are also plenty of events happening throughout December that will keep you entertained. From theatre performances to wine festivals, there is something for everyone to enjoy during this month.


If you’re looking for a winter escape, look no further than Mont-Tremblant. This charming town is located in the Laurentians mountains in Quebec and offers plenty of activities to keep you busy all winter long. From skiing and snowboarding to hiking and sightseeing, there’s something for everyone to enjoy during December. If you’re looking to stay close to civilization, consider staying in one of the many ski resort hotels that line the town’s streets. Alternatively, if you’d rather get away from it all, consider renting a cabin in the woods or taking a nature hike through some of Mont-Tremblant’s stunning scenery. Whatever your plans are this winter, make sure to visit Mont-Tremblant – it won’t disappoint. But be sure to know the fact – are forkes illegal in canada? read dailypeter.com


Looking to travel in Canada this December? Why not head to Whitehorse, Yukon, and take in the stunning landscapes and festive atmosphere! Here are some key things to know about visiting this beautiful city: 

-Whitehorse is located in the Yukon Territory, which is a Canadian province. 

-The city has a population of around 43,000 people. 

-It’s known for its romantic snowscape and stunning natural beauty. 

-There are plenty of attractions to explore in Whitehorse, including historical sites and world-renowned restaurants. 

-The city is a great place to stay if you’re looking for a relaxed vacation where you can experience all that this incredible country has to offer.

Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Cape Breton Highlands National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. The park encompasses more than 9,000 hectares and features dramatic coastal cliffs, highlands, and deep valleys. In December, the park is home to stunningly colorful foliage and a variety of winter wildlife. Take a drive or hike to enjoy views of glistening lakes and snow-capped peaks.


In conclusion, while there are a few things to note about visiting Canada in December, the vast majority of the country is in good condition to enjoy a summer vacation. The weather is warm and humid, with only a few hot spots here and there. The country is packed with attractions for visitors of all ages, whether you’re looking for natural beauty, interesting history, or delicious food. Whether you’re travelling on your own or with friends, Canada is an easy and fun place to explore.

How to make Origami Flowers

Origami flowers are a fun and easy way to show your creativity. There are many different origami flowers to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your project. This guide will show you how to make three different origami flowers: a daisy, a rose, and a lily.

How to make origami flowers step by step

How to make Origami Flowers

Step 1: Find a square piece of paper. You can use any size paper, but the size should be about 8×8 inches.

Step 2: Fold the paper in half, so that it is folded lengthwise.

Step 3: Fold each side of the paper in toward the center, making a crease.

Step 4: Fold the paper in half again, so that it is folded widthwise.

Step 5: Fold each side of the paper in toward the center, making a crease.

Step 6: Fold the paper in half again, so that it is folded lengthwise.

Step 7: Fold each side of the paper in toward the center, making a crease.

Step 8: Unfold the paper.

Step 9: Open the paper.

Step 10: Fold the paper in half, so that it is folded widthwise.

Step 11: Fold each side of the paper in toward the center, making a crease.

Step 12: Fold the paper in half, so that it is folded lengthwise.

Step 13: Fold each side of the paper in toward the center, making a crease.

Step 14: Unfold the paper.

Step 15: Open the paper.

Step 16: Fold the paper in half, so that it is folded widthwise.

Step 17: Fold each side of the paper in toward the center, making a crease.

Step 18: Fold the paper in half, so that it is folded lengthwise.

Step 19: Fold each side of the paper in toward the center, making a crease.

Step 20: Unfold the paper.

Step 21: Open the paper.

Step 22: Fold the paper in half, so that it is folded widthwise.

Step 23: Fold each side of the paper in toward the center, making a crease.

Step 24: Fold the paper in half, so that it is folded lengthwise.

Step 25: Fold each side of the paper in toward the center, making a crease.

Step 26: Unfold the paper.

Step 27: Open the paper.

Step 28: Fold the paper in half, so that it is folded widthwise.

Step 29: Fold each side of the paper in toward the center, making a crease.

Step 30: Fold the paper in half, so that it is folded lengthwise.

Step 31: Fold each side of the paper in toward the center, making a crease.

Step 32: Unfold the paper.

Step 33: Open the paper.

Step 34: Fold the paper in half, so that it is folded widthwise.

Step 35: Fold each side of the paper in toward the center, making a crease.

Step 36: Fold the paper in half, so that it is folded lengthwise.

Step 37: Fold

Learn more about how to make a heart out of a gum wrapper on girlydaily.com


In conclusion, this easy to follow paper flower tutorial will have you making beautiful blooms in no time. So, get creative and start crafting some magical flowers today.

Roof garden: ideas and how to make one

The roof of a house or building is a space that is usually wasted but in many cases. It is used to enjoy it and appreciate the landscape that surrounds us.

On a rooftop, the view is better and things are seen in a different way. A  terrace on the roof is an excellent option to give a new use to the space and create a stay of coexistence and rest for the family.

How to choose the skateboard for kids

There are many types of skateboards out there, and they’re not all created equal. You can get a cheap skateboard or a high-end professional model. How do you know which one is right for you? That’s where this post comes in. We’ll share a few of the things that you should consider when choosing a skateboard for kids, and then we’ll show you how to choose the best skateboard for kids that fits your budget.

How to choose the skateboard for kids

Skateboarding has become a part of kids’ life now. They love to enjoy skating and they enjoy spending their time on skateboards. As a kid’s parents, you must take care of their safety. When it comes to choosing the best pool skateboards for your kid, here are some tips that will help you make the right decision.

How to choose the skateboard for kids

1: Choose the right size for your child

First of all, you must choose the appropriate size for your child. Your child’s height is one of the most important things to consider. In order to know how tall your kid is, you can measure his/her height. You need to get the correct size of the skateboard for your child so that your kid can enjoy skating safely.

2: Consider your kid’s weight

Another important factor that you need to consider is your kid’s weight. In fact, it is really dangerous for kids to ride skateboards that are too heavy. For instance, if your kid weighs 70 pounds and you plan to buy a 2″ wide and 14″ long skateboard, you need to take into account the weight limit. This is because you must make sure that the skateboard is not too heavy for your kid.

3: The kind of material

The kind of material of the skateboard is also another factor to take into consideration. For instance, it is important for you to consider the material of the skateboard. You must also consider the strength of the material of the skateboard. The skateboard material must be strong enough so that it can withstand impacts.

4: Consider the quality of the skateboard

Finally, you must also consider the quality of the skateboard. For instance, you must make sure that the skateboard is durable. You must also make sure that it is easy to carry around.

Tips for Choosing a Skateboard for Your Kids

When buying a new skateboard for your kids, you want to make sure that they have the right size and feel of the board that will be comfortable for them to ride. It’s important that they have a skateboard that they are happy with and can ride all day without getting tired.

The best skateboards for kids are made for kids. While adult sized skateboards are available, you won’t get much use out of them. It is much easier to learn on a smaller skateboard, and once you’ve mastered the basics, you can easily switch to an adult-sized board as you grow older.

The 7.5 inch wide boards are great for kids who are in between sizes. They can easily be used on a full size board and are a good option if your child is still growing and the full size board is too big for them.

So what exactly does this mean? If you were to take a beginner’s skateboard to a pro shop, the pro shop would likely have you do some sort of test on the board to see if it meets the requirements for a pro skateboard. For example, if it has the correct trucks (the part that holds the wheels in place), then it should be labeled as a pro skateboard. The same thing applies to the wheels.

A pro board has a hard wheelbase and can withstand high speeds. They are designed to be durable for a lot of abuse and are generally more expensive than a regular skateboard. The construction is usually made from a high-quality material that is meant to withstand a lot of use.

For kids who are just beginning, I suggest going with a cheap board, such as a 22 inch longboard, for $25 to $30. You can upgrade to a $100 board when your child is 10 or 12 years old.

Don’t Forget the Protective Gear

It is always good to have protective gear. You never know when you might get hit by something. So I suggest getting the best protective gear you can afford.

The most important thing you can do for your child is to teach them how to be safe while on the road. They need to understand that no matter how good they are at a particular sport, they will always be at risk of injury. By being careful while on the road, they will not only be able to enjoy their sport, but they will also be safer.


Skateboard decks come in a variety of widths and sizes. They range from a wide. A good skateboard is important to keep in your life. It is a tool that can help you get around town, travel, work out, stay fit and have fun with friends.

Wider boards are great for transportation because they offer a more stable and comfortable standing platform. I have found that wider boards work better than narrower boards for transportation. When painting outside, I prefer a wider board, and for inside painting, I like a narrower board. I have tried many different sizes, but I’ve found that most of the time I like a 12 “x16” board.

In summary, there are many factors to take into consideration when buying the right skateboard for your kid. These are only some of them. Do remember to look at each of these factors carefully before making a purchase.

Terrace or garden. The best tips for decorating this summer

On the terrace or garden, summer is the time of year when we take our daily actions outside. The good weather has arrived and we want to enjoy the light and the sun at any time of the day. Lunch, dinner, watching TV, or simply resting from the day by reading a book, are actions that at this time of year and outdoors seem to provide us with special pleasure and relaxation.