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Our Ranking of the Most Romantic Restaurants in the World

There is no need for a party like the one assigned to the patron saint of lovers to be romantic and show your love. Valentine’s Day, in fact, would encourage you to be sweet and nice with your partner every day; rather what matters is how your love is shown. And certainly giving a dinner could be a more than successful idea.

But be careful, we are not talking about two candles to create the dim atmosphere in which to exchange languid glances and let the eyelid drop after an hour. We offer you some of the most romantic restaurants in the world, serious stuff in short. Where everything will be perfect and beyond which the word romantic will have no other possibility of expression. Keep watching no game no life season 2 

Most Romantic Restaurants in the World: Our Top 10

Inside the suggestive Grotta Palazzese, as in a fairy tale, stands the Grotta hotel and restaurant: along the coast that frames the city of Polignano a Mare, the largest cave of the 80 has been chosen, which here alternates by drawing a breathtaking landscape. You will be able to transform yourself into crabs and reside in the heart of the cave, at least for the duration of the dinner, observing the sea in front of you.

1. Grotta Palazzese – Italy

Inside the suggestive Grotta Palazzese, as in a fairy tale, stands the Grotta hotel and restaurant: along the coast that frames the city of Polignano a Mare, the largest cave of the 80 has been chosen, which here alternates by drawing a breathtaking landscape. You will be able to transform yourself into crabs and reside in the heart of the cave. At least for the duration of the dinner, observing the sea in front of you.

2. Banyan Tree Bintan – Indonesia

In Indonesia, the Banyan Tree Bintan appears as if by magic. It is located on the splendid and homonymous island from which to admire the South China Sea that surrounds it all around. Do you see that little table in the middle of nowhere? It could be yours…

3. Andronis – Greece

The beautiful island of Santorini, Greece, is not only the choice for partying with friends and for good nights in a group. It can be a magical place especially if you dine in Andronis: the view it offers is incomparable, just think that it overlooks the volcanic crater of the island! And then there is that white that envelops and makes everything more soft and romantic.

4. Altitude At Shangri-La – Australia

It will be far but it’s worth it. The Altitude at Shangri restaurant in Sydney will welcome you with huge windows in the dining room from which to admire the marvel of the splendid view of Sydney Harbor. You will be tall enough, the senses will enjoy it but if you have problems with heights think about it. But it would be a shame because it is a unique experience, as much as the dishes served!


A stone’s throw from one of the most beautiful places in Rome, Piazza del Popolo. The former liberty villa of the Malaspina family houses a charming boutique hotel perfect for a dinner for two. Take a seat on soft and elegant velvet sofas in a room that between white and gold will make you feel in another dimension. The candles are lit and off we go, good evening …

6. The Grotto, Krabi – Thailand

We are located in Krabi, Thailand. The name chosen for this restaurant is “La Grotta” because it was conceived in an ancient limestone cliff on either side of Phra Nang beach. We are therefore faced with another spectacular “local” housed within a natural marine beauty. In this extraordinary place, you can have lunch with your feet in the sand and the sound of the sea.

7. Sandals Royal Plantation – Jamaica

What could be more romantic than the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean? Nestled in a small private bay on the coast of Ocho Rios, Sandals Royal Plantation is intimate. All-suite retreat all with butler service … okay? For the more demanding there is the possibility of organizing private dinners on the beach or inside the gazebo suspended over the ocean.

8. Shanti Maurice A Nira Resort – Mauritius

Nestled between Mauritian sugar cane fields and the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, Shanti Maurice offers a stay experience that will delight all your senses. Exotic gardens, white and pristine beaches, will frame the restaurant that will allow you to try the delicacies of the African island, feeling in paradise between the sky and the sea. It is one of the romantic restaurants in the world.

9. El Farallon – Mexico

In Cabo San Lucas, hidden among the cliffs of the Capella Pedregal on the Pacific Ocean, El Farallon seems to be a tourist postcard. In Spanish, it means “cliff” precisely because it is one with the power and majesty of nature. It is the perfect place for a real romantic dinner in the evening based on excellent fish and music produced by the waves.

10. Amo – Italy

The legendary multi-starred chef Massimiliano Alajmo embarks on a new adventure in ancient Venice and does so in an exceptional location: the T Fondaco Dei Tedeschi located next to the Rialto bridge, in the heart of the Serenissima. The restaurant is housed in the courtyard of the thirteenth-century building which in the evening. When the shops inside the Fondaco close, turn into a reserved and mysterious place. Whose tables occupy the internal courtyard giving the impression of a “living room in the square”.

And with this tour of the most romantic restaurants in the world, may love to be with you! And when you are saturated with sweetness and big binges at the table. Our tips on how to use ginger can be useful to purify and digest!

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What is a google id: Complete guide to managing features?

A complete and detailed guide to managing the features of the Google Gmail account to make each Big G service more and more efficient.

The Google account is a personal email address. This allows you to manage all the services connected to the Google ecosystem, organizing the various features from the main profile screen. In this way, it is possible to integrate with the account of the history of web searches. The positions recorded by Google Maps, the videos seen on YouTube. And quickly authenticate on any compatible platform, both internal such as Google Drive and Play Store and external such as Amazon and Booking.com.