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BMX Basic Maintenance Routine for Beginners

In today’s article, you discussed elaborately BMX bike maintenance guidelines. So, bike maintenance is taking care of your bike after you’re done riding at the end of the day.

I just thought of this. So, I had to immediately make this article so next time ride that you can go out and just read enough to worry about anything falling apart or any parts of the BMX bike being missed or properly used.

Basic Maintenance Issues

So, let’s talk about bikes and the number one problem and I guess the number one problem is the bike maintenance problem. So here we are going to details to manage the maintenance problem.

I mean, normally most not either may the stem or the headset or maybe the seat tube. There is you need a standard six-millimeter Allen key elementary, whatever you want to call it, I got here and the stem.

So, when I tie in the stem, there’s a specific pattern and you go to it, you have to do it an X so that you properly have each bolt under the same pressure so that the stem closes properly and it holds the bars correctly.

So that’s very important well the next thing and most commonly happens with my bike beside it coming on loosened over the bike pedals and the process is also the same for BMX bikes for adults.

My pedals always, I don’t know why it’s just on this BMX bike. They come loose and then they rattle and I like to disrupt my bike and it’s really annoying when you have a loose paddle.

When you’re riding so highly remembering, taking care of that with a pedal wrench. So, this pedal wrenches the standard ranch is just a normal ranch.

Do you want to go forward on both sides? Because one side of the BMX bike I think it’s the lesson has averse.

The lesson has a reverse thread, so it’s going forwards to tighten it and not going backward to keep that in mind, and do you a ride your bike and you have squeak squeaky cranks.

I think this is all how this happens. A lot of us it’s really annoying when like when your friends even riding right next to them, like the whole time.

There is we got squeaky as kinks and I really hate it really bugs the heck out of me and there is we have two alternatives. First, I’m gonna show you the recommendation of your BMX bike parts.

This is just if you look the things carefully and you really don’t need to care about your BMX bike. So, we’re gonna use WD 40 in this and sprayed it in there.

Most likely it’ll cause the noise to go away, but that’s not really recommended. There is something you need to concern about pedal fit hopefully this fits here on the pedal and the difference here is to observe, the way to tighten your pedals is to go out, to get anybody, and act like you’re riding your bike.

Dirt and Debris Cleaning

I’d recommend all-purpose grease and I take apart your cranks and with some grease in a little area, anything and put some green right there and more oftentimes than it’ll stop the noise.

You should grease every single part on your BMX bike. That’s metal and so when you put it in your forks, I grease it when I’m putting it in.

So, there is you need some paint to manage its roughness and also you need to grease it. The reason why I grease it is so that laid down on the road.

When you need to take your BMX bike apart, it’s easier to come apart and this prevents some protocol it’s called some kind of fusion, and this happens a lot with the cranks and the cranks are just a piece of metal and somehow, they fuse.

Then it’s really artistic apart and there is you some grease and you need to prevent it, it keeps you quiet, keeps it by function and lubricated stuff and that’s really awesome.

So, the next thing, I don’t know if this is ever happening, but it happens to me quite often when I don’t own a BMX bike for a while.

I need to put air in my tire and there is if your BMX bike sits for a while and there is you don’t need any extra science knowledge behind it, but most often areas and so also the tube.

This is some crazy method. I don’t know how it happens and it really an ongoing process and so before I turned the bike and it’s so important to focus on the bike rim.

People commonly like to ride in street parks and there is you can ride everywhere so easily. There is you should need to manage around 60, 65 PSI and this is a street tire and you might want less.

If you ride park there, is you might want more dirt and this is probably a lot more. I don’t know. It’s all to you. But I just like to stay on 60 to 65 and there is also you need putting some air on the tire.

It’s simple and you just hook it up, you press it in there. Look at the dial 60 PSI. You’re good to go. 65 PSI. You’re good to go but keep an eye don’t over.

Don’t over-pressurize your tire. Cause sometimes tires have. PSI limits, like can go to, I know some tires in Galway, like one 50.

That’s pretty insane. So, I’m can only go to 50. So just keep that in mind when you’re approaching every tire.

So, another thing that I really can’t show you with my hands or anything is a loose chain. Some people like a loose chain. If you ride street, if you have a free coaster, some people don’t. I just think the noise really annoys me.

So, this is when I go into the back then you will need to pull the wheel back and tightening it up, not make sure not to do it, and then you can cause some problems with your drive.

Then you need to train your channel to make them like some and there is you hear a clicking noise. If you ever hear that then you need to take it out and redo it, put a little bit low, put it a little looser.

You’ll probably like that. I sometimes have problems seeing, but not really. You just got to tighten up once, make sure not to overtime the bulks, that one real crack.

It’s probably the weakest of all the bolts in the boat I’ve seen on crack a lot of times to do it. If you have hub guards like mine, the zip ties make sure the zip ties are always tying.

Cause it sometimes one of the zip ties crack the hub rattles around the bike and it makes a noise and really maybe lights like probably needs lights.

If you don’t have lights on your BMX bike. It has happened not to me, which probably looking at. Just maybe keep your bike clean man. Just keep it by cleaning.

If you like to do this, we think you can do it so easily and there, is you no need do much with the grips and we guess if you have and if you have a throttle grip, let’s say your grips are a little thoughtfully.

There’s probably some kind of debris in there. Like most likely dirt and just go in there with an air press with an air hose going and just spread it out and I could also work and I’m thinking that’s about it.


Thanks for reading our article and hope these tips help you out. Next time you ride your bike, you ride it safely or properly, and if you want to learn more biking tips visit OutdoorXsports to get more biking tips and tricks.

 Ideas for modern apartments will inspire you

A tour of Italian architecture and design. Enjoying living in the center of a dynamic and bustling city, having a refuge from noise and pollution while maintaining contact with a vibrant lifestyle, is for many a true dream. In this idea book, we will show you seven incredible modern apartments located in the hearts of the main cities of Italy, in a virtual tour of different architectural and interior design styles, which respond to the individual needs of each person’s lifestyle. of their owners. Let’s not wait any longer and let’s get started!

1. With wood, stone, and glass

First stop: Venice. The city of Venice is distinguished by being a place full of history and romance, with a contemporary character. The two levels on which the apartment that we are visiting on this occasion is developed, are characterized by the logic of the open space, connected by a simple and pleasant apparent brick wall, in shades of gray and a staircase built with wood and glass. . The transparent polycarbonate table and chairs gently define the hallway; the wooden surfaces in the dividing wall give contrast and warmth to the environment.

2. Large windows and tropical inspiration

A wonderful loft in Milan. Brera, the most characteristic neighborhood in Milan, is the setting in which this surprising project is located, which recovers the shape of country houses, reinterpreting the style in a contemporary way. The classic style is maintained with the presence of large windows with ornate carpentry, a spiral staircase, and a tone of vintage white, elements that come together in an interior design with an elegant Parisian flavor in its decoration. The mezzanine with its structural lightness, allows an uninterrupted view between the two levels, creating a greater sense of spaciousness in the space.

3. Mixing styles on a white canvas

Next stop: Rome. We are in Rome, in modern apartments, where neoteric shapes blend naturally with classic ones. The impeccable shine of the wooden floors and the wall reflect natural and artificial light, creating an effect of spaciousness and having excellent ventilation thanks to its large windows. Persian rugs, generally found in traditional houses, are combined in this context with contemporary furnishings and décor. Design by the architects of Archifacturing.

4. Tradition and modernity

modern apartments opinion

From the 18th century to the present day in Turin. 170 m² of pure beauty: this 18th-century apartment in the heart of Turin encompasses a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. The recovery of the structure brought to this wonderful house a Scandinavian style that gave it a new face. . Chairs, wall units, and wooden floors warm the environment with intense tones and a lot of presence.

5. Luxury and maximum elegance

Luxury and elegance in Florence. Right in the Florentine style, the apartment is located in the center of this beautiful city. A property that was restored concentrating on the preservation of original elements such as the wooden floor and furniture. Give way to a modern and contemporary structure on the second level. The staircase that connects both levels gracefully, has a travertine marble finish that gives it a touch of luxury and elegance that combines perfectly with the fine walnut finishes and the modern steel and glass of the upper floor.

6. Total minimalism

Minimalism in Napolés. Minimalism is the defining style of this apartment located in the heart of bustling Naples. With a predominantly white color on both walls and furniture. The space becomes a setting for ultra-modern decoration details, such as the large abstract-style oil painting. Some cushions and ornaments add a touch of color to the environment, which is contrasted by the warm gray tone of the elegant floor. A design developed by Architect Lorella Casola.

7. Combination of the rustic with the modern

A refuge in Verona. One of the modern apartments that we visit on this last stop in Verona is inside a barrel vault. it covers and unifies the entire environment. The stone is here the protagonist that gives a unique character to this wonderful design. The whole house plays between the colors and shades of the stone. The contrast, however, remains the most fascinating characteristic between the structure and the furniture: the former, rustic and cozy, the latter, essential and modern.

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Action plan to increase your income with your blog

Increasing your income with your blog is not such a complicated process, but it does take a little time. Using content systems such as WordPress or CMS can facilitate blog creation and enhancement.

To optimize your blog and generate profits with it, you must consider certain factors that are key to its growth or improve its positioning. There are different alternatives and actions that you can carry out. Below, we will show you the best ones.

It is possible to increase your income with your blog

If you want to increase revenue through advertising, it can be direct or indirect. Other brands must be aware that you are willing to insert their advertising on your blog. It must be announced that advertising is accepted. This might seem like a process, but it is much more than that.

In your blog, it must be specified very well that you agree to collaborate and integrate advertisements. If you include images, remember to provide direct contact with the brand so customers can make contact.

You can leave your email or phone number to the other brands, so they know that you are open to their proposals and so they contact you directly. Next, we will leave you a little more detailed information to increase your income with your blog.

Improve search engine rankings

To achieve increased revenue, it is convenient that the digital search medium can find you quickly. A well-promoted blog can attract more brands. These are based on whether your site is in the most popular ranking positions in searches.

In order to be in a good position in the searches, it is necessary that you choose the best keywords that promote your blog. Improving your site through keywords is a wise option. Remember that by working with SEO correctly, you will be able to reach the highlights.

Create programmatic advertising

This is a system that works by means of algorithms based on users. These studies match the type of content of the brand with the user. With this automated form of advertising, you can provide entries to your blog.

Before carrying out this type of advertising, your blog needs to be ready to tackle it. It is important that you have ad space ready to place programmatic ads.

Affiliate marketing

This mechanism consists of recommending services or products from other brands in exchange for a commission. As a blogger, you should recommend other companies’ products to your audience through links and more. You want to make sure you recommend a really good product that is not safe to buy.

Selling digital products

You can start selling some digital products within your blog. This goes according to the theme of your space, but you can include elements such as:

  • Webinars.
  • Podcasts.
  • Online courses or workshops.
  • Applications.
  • EBooks.

You must create products that are of interest to your audience. And ideally, they have to do with the content that you have previously discussed on your blog.

These are some of the possibilities that you can apply to increase your income with your blog. Begin to evaluate which is the ideal one to start applying, depending on the theme of your site.

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Measuring a Person Size for Bike Fit True Guideline

Today we are going to do a little bit of a measuring a bike size to get some of your dimensions for what bike might suit you best before we start.

Can I ask you a couple of questions about your biking habits? So, what kind of bike are you in for something more for the city around town biking or mountain biking. Somewhat many people want to ride a hybrid bike.

Basic Measurement

Something I can ride on the street and kind of on trails and how many miles would you say on average, you’re putting on the bike a week, maybe 20 miles a week.

So, a decent amount, but you’re not going super long distances and we go details how to measure a bike.

So, we’re gonna be measuring a couple of things today, some of your regular dimension’s measurements, and then I’m also going to be testing you for some custom-fit handlebars.

See what your grip is like and doing some flex and some flexibility stuff as well. If you have any questions along the way, just let me know.

Height Measurement

So, I’m just going to start and have you got your height. So go ahead and stand right up against that for me nice and tall look up and you can step out of there and it is 70 inches.

The next thing I’m going to have you do is. Get a bit of measurement of just the shoulder height and then the hip height.

So, I’m gonna have you step back here and I’m just going to measure a couple of different parts. So starting with your shoulder Heights here.

I’m going to get the other side and that’s equal to seven inches and just stay right there. I’m going to just get your hip hurt as well. Can you go ahead and put your hands on where your hipster right here.

That Is the place where your hips are right here and this is really perfect position.

So, check the other side is fine and a stick right there and we’ll do one last for your knees are good and it is 23 inches excellent.

I’m going to go ahead and measure your arm length so you can go ahead and just turn this way. I’m going to have you hold onto this portion.

So, you’re getting full extension and full flection and the same thing on the other side. Go ahead and hold that with your hands.

Shoulders Measurement

Let me go ahead and get across your shoulders here. Definitely important for handlebars and it’s good and I’m just going to go ahead and get a chest height. So, hold this right at your position.

Shoulder measurement is so important if can’t measure it correctly you may fall on a shoulder injury.

Just gonna write that down. The next thing I’m going to do is just measure your length from the foot to the knee and even out your hips and it’s good.

That’s just measuring from the bottom of your field. So, your knee checks the other side.

These the shoes you normally wear for biking? Sometimes it does your shoes normally have a bit of a lift or are they mostly flat, like a converse, would be like a super flat shoe.

A sneaker would have a little bit more of a lift. They usually have a little bit more of a lift like this one and I’m just going to measure the bottom of the shoe just to be sure an inch.

The next thing I’m gonna have you do is put you come down to your knees like this. I’m going to have you hold this right on your inner thigh.

I’m going to have you pull down and the other side. So that’s just getting from your knee up to your hips. Go ahead and stand up now.

So, if you could go ahead and pick up your leg like this, you can go ahead and hold on to that. If you need it, I’m just going to measure the angle of that.

There is you can make a circular motion with your leg as if you were by and it is so perfect and just checking out that range of motion there and I’m going to go ahead and do the other side. That was great.

Leg Measurement

So, the same thing and if you want to hold on to that right there, go ahead and pick this leg up. Just checking out the angle.

That’s really good. So, the last thing I want to do before I have you actually get on the bike is just measured out your handlebars and I’m going to go ahead and mark that. So, hold onto this for me.

I’m looking to just see grip and I’m just going to make a cup. We’ll have marks where your hands naturally fall and keep in mind. It’s not, you can let go on one side. It’s not where you’d we it’s just where your hand itself is. So, hold on to the side where you’re comfortable. So, it would start.

In her finger here and the phone falls right there and on the side, can you go ahead and hang up?

How does this feel as far as grip, is that feel like too wide of a grip or do you need to small upper grip? A little wide. I’m gonna bring you to one of our sample bikes. It’s a little bit smaller and just has you test that out.

So, do you want to come around to the side? I’ll switch with you here. I’m going to hold the handlebars. How does that feel to you?

It feels good and let me just go ahead and measure your hands really quickly just to make sure I’ve got the full Palm. So you can come back over this here. I’m just going to pull this bike out of the way.

You stick out your hands for me I’m just getting a Palm and Palm link on each side right.

I’m just going to check some of the flexibility in your hands. So just go nice and loose set as far as up as you can go and then make a fist as if you’re gripping and late

Nice and loose and I’m to move up and down and so good flexibility in the risks there up and down. Can you make a fist up and down?

This is a very good position and so good flexibility in your risks and not worried about the handles at all. not needing any sort of special equipment there.

If you could just turn around for me, I’m just going to check for the symmetry of your body. I’m just going to use a level checking from shoulder to shoulder.

So, the bottom or the Rachel, or is just a tiny bit slower than the top than the left, and go ahead and check the hip height.

Same thing as a tiny bit lower on this site and go ahead and bend over for me. I’m just looking for flexibility.

Range of motion and go ahead and say it any pain with leaning over? No, we would adjust for that in the bike if you’d be having some pain reaching over, we’d have the seat a little bit higher.

So, we think you have got the answer to how to measure bike size and that’s really amazing.

So you had more of that and go ahead and turn around for me. Have you do is just do a couple of cycles on the bike. I’m going to go ahead and hold it. I’m just going to watch your knee movement.

So go ahead and hop on. I’m gonna hold the front. I’m just gonna have you pedal backward a couple of times, just to get a sense of your name, movement and it’s very good.


So, here we have given enough information to go ahead and do a mock-up for you and we’ll make sure that you test it out on one of our in-house bikes before we do a special order.

Now you feel perfect and can start biking and if you want to learn more information you can visit OutdoorXsports.

Tips to improve the SEO of your blog

The fact improves the SEO of your blog should be one of your main goals when using this tool. Surely, you have heard many times that it takes high technical knowledge to achieve it. This is only partly true. Even not being an expert, we can implement improvements on our own.

From Positio Marketing Online we want to help you with your blog. If you wish, our technicians will implement all possible improvements for perfect positioning and operation. In addition, we also have a team of copywriters capable of preparing texts for your page.

But if you are looking to improve the SEO of your blog on your own, it can also be achieved. In the following article, we are going to compile a series of tips that are easy to apply and that do not require great technical knowledge. Rather, it is about some recommendations when writing and publishing a post that can help considerably improve your positioning.

Optimize titles to improve your blog’s SEO

There are certain titles, especially in personal blogs, that can be very beautiful, but are tremendously ineffective, either due to lack of optimization, by extension, or because the topic of the post is not clear. The most important thing at the time of the headline is to know what is going to be written about or what doubt or problem is going to be solved with it.

  • The main keyword of your post must be included in the title
  • Is the article intended to solve a problem or question? If yes, please let us know in the header
  • Be careful with the extension. Do not exceed 70 characters, since it is the maximum that Google shows in its searches
  • The further to the left your keyword is, the better. Yes indeed. Please make sure the title is not meaningless

Take care of the URL’s of your blog

One of the great forgotten when it comes to improving the SEO of your blog. If you publish on Blogger or WordPress, these platforms will take care of generating an automatic URL. Unfortunately, it is usually not very correct when it comes to SEO.

  • Never leave URLs by default
  • Eliminate particles and prepositions
  • The dashes are much more recommendable than the low bars
  • Strange characters, accents, or question marks must be totally prohibited
  • The keyword must be included in your URL
  • The shorter a URL is without losing meaning, the better

Take advantage of internal links

This point is essential when writing a new article: add links from a previous post that is related to it. You provide information to the reader and make it easier for Google to navigate your site.

  • If you do not have articles to link, write them down and when you have the opportunity, edit the post to add it
  • Check previous articles to see if you can link to your new post
  • Anchor Text is important. Much better phrases that describe the theme than using phrases like “click here”
  • Do not abuse the links
  • Also links to external pages

Don’t forget about the images

When it comes to improving the SEO of your blog, images are essential elements. Optimize them for quality and, of course, SEO.

  • Use descriptive names in the images you upload
  • Add the “alt” tag to all the photos you include in your articles
  • Do not abuse the keywords
  • Optimize the size and weight of images

Consistency is the foundation of success

A big little secret: Google likes recent and up-to-date content. He considers it more useful for users. Therefore, make your own calendar with the days on which you are going to publish, diversify the content, create compilations and update your old articles.

Instead, what you should never do to improve your blog’s SEO is change the image and title and republish it. This could be very counterproductive.

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Shark Vacuum Brush Not Spinning Easy Guideline

If you’ve got one of the shark rotator vacuums and the brush rolls are not spinning, it’s usually because of two reasons, from what I’ve seen either a, your switch for the brush roll is not working and another one if your brush roll clogged with hair.

Check at First

At first check, your shark vacuum motorized floor nozzle and make sure that there is no blockage in brush rollers, hose, and wheels. Check if there is any dirt or debris just remove all dust.

If your shark spinning brush roll clogged with hair and other dirt and debris just remove it all.

Take Apart

You know, it’s not going to mean to let you turn that brush wrong in the first place or the more likely culprit is there’s a tiny little switch.

That’s broken on one out the side, I’ve already taken this thing apart, but I figured I’d show you guys how to take it apart, and then you’ll see just exactly what I’m talking about.

If you have a pet and suffered from pet hair then you should take the best shark vacuum for pet hair.

But the first thing you need to do is just lean back, just like this and you have several screws you’re going to have to remove.

Put Out Screws

So, you have the left-side screw and right-side screw, but no deed to take out axles. You don’t need to take these out. These are for the axles that hold the wheels in place.

Leave those then don’t mess with them. You have left side screw and ride side screw, that screw this one and then under these two small wheels, and you maybe you have a screw under that wheel.

There is also you have another screw under this wheel and then you have need to open the plastic knob. You have another screw that’s hiding right down.

So, you remove all those screws and you don’t have to pull the connector portion. I did pull this off and the other part of this article because I wanted to check the wiring that was going through from the neck to here, because I can see it moves and copper wiring.

Stress hardens that breaks with movement 12 and neck here with these wires going through it that you know, it’s going to move back and forth because it swivels.

So, you’ve got wires here that are going to have to sit there and basically resist all that. But you also have another issue. plug this back in so you guys can see it get power.

In this particular machine, the brush rolls on. We span if the machine is reclined. So, when this is back this little guy right in here sitting on that and if they are any nasty mold just clean it.

So, at the vacuum standing up, right, you can see it and It’s pressing against the switch, but when you go back the idea is this little lever. It’s supposed to come off of the switch and which it does.


So, you’re that the problem with this particular brush roll and motor assembly powerhead is this little switch right here.

So, because this isn’t going to work and your motor is never going to turn on and spend the brush roll. What I’m going to do to see if I can prove this or not is just bypass the switch.

Just connect these two wires together. So then essentially just be completing the circuit all the time. So, let’s see what happens.

A wire nutted; this connection completely bypasses this piece of junk switch just in case it wants to shoot forward. works perfectly fine.

So, this stupid little switch is what basically would cause a customer to either buy a new vacuum or cost shark and get their one-time free warranty replacement on it into an online store, just to do a tertiary search and you can buy a brand-new switch if you really want it to. But the switch itself is not expensive.

It’s literally like 99 cents off of eBay and you can actually get two of them. So, because we have the switch bypassed, that’s not going to have any sort of effect anymore.

So, when you turn your machine on, you’re going to have to use this brush roll sweater. If you want your brush roll-off, you’re on seems to be working alright.

Now you have to put it upright. Then you have to do that, that little number on it. But it works. I mean, if you’re in a bind and you feel safe enough or confident enough to tackle that, and you don’t want to spend the money on a new vacuum, especially if yours is in really good condition, you still have all the accessories.


That’s one thing you can do to get a little bit more life out of it. I hope you guys enjoyed this article and if you want to learn more check our vacuuming blog for vacuum tips and tricks.

Blog or Vlog? Do you know their difference?

You may be wondering what is the difference between these two words? At first glance, we think that maybe they mean the same thing, only that some people write it with B and others with V, but the reality is that it is not the same. same.

The Blog is a website where you write publications, articles, news; But the Vlog is a video channel where instead of writing information, you say it through a video.

What is a blog?

Blogs are sites or web pages, in which written content is created such as publications, articles on a specific topic.

Usually, behind a Blog, there is a person in charge of creating the content, based on research and knowledge, this person is called an editor, he can transmit his ideas in written form.

Blogs usually have information on different topics, all depending on the type of service offered, for example in DigitalWeb Panama, as we are a Digital Marketing company, we develop topics that have a certain relationship with the services we offer. Another example is a restaurant, you can create articles about health, body care, restaurant trends, cooking recipes; another could be a sports blog, in which what you will find are trends in sports, sports news, etc.

Therefore, we can define it like this: Blog = Written.

What is a VLOG?

It may sound the same, but it has a difference that I have already explained at the beginning of this article. When you see the word Vlog, written with a V, it means that it is a spoken Video.

The content that you can find in a Vlog is the same that you can find in a Blog, the only thing that is no longer written, if not in another format; Let’s take into account the same examples that I mentioned in the paragraph above, that is, the examples of the Blog, but instead of writing articles on those topics, what he does is record a video where he talks about those topics, or in the case of the restaurant, you can have videos of people cooking the recipes.

For example, an artist or singer can make a video on certain days of the week, where they clarify doubts or answer questions from their fans or followers, among many other things they can say about their artistic career.

This Vlog term is often used more on social networks such as YouTube or Flooxer.

In conclusion, we must remember Vlog = Video.

What is a Vlog on social networks?

In Social Networks, in Vlogs, the sense of originality has been lost and in a certain way they have taken a different course, not all the videos that you will see on networks will be well-prepared, many of them will be videos of people who make known As is their day-to-day, these videos are usually improvised, which are born spontaneously and naturally, often without having prepared content.

The engagement of these Vlogs is greater since being spontaneous makes other people stay identified with the creator.

I can say that a Vlog, maintains excerpts from the daily life of people and companies, we generally see it more on YouTubers. These types of people are usually influencers who most use this type of Vlogs since they keep them connected with their followers and are always creating eye-catching content, full of originality, as well as their number one work tool as influencers of the brand.

If you want to know more about Influencers, I invite you to read this article about Marketing Influencer What is it?

Usually, these types of people who share their daily life, do so because it is part of their work.

Let’s see the differences between both terms in more detail:

Differences between BLOG and VLOG

  • It differs in the format in which it is created or uploaded.
  • Both can have the same content, as it can also vary.
  • You can have both Blog and Vlog, and keep the same content, only that in Blog it is written and in Vlog it is video.

Can company VLOGS work?

As we have seen, a company needs to maintain a blog, but in the case of Vlogs, as we have studied throughout this article, it does not have content that can be easily interpreted by a company.

However, it can be given a spin, just as companies are taking very seriously uploading stories and posts on Instagram as in other networks, the same can happen with Vlogs. The fact of not creating your own Vlogs as a company does not imply that you cannot use it to your advantage. You can always use social media to reach your audience, many YouTubers are willing to collaborate with brands.

I advise you to try a little of everything, we never know where the key to success may be, but we must bear in mind that if your target audience is not on social networks, you should not concentrate your efforts (money) on them.

If you do not have a blog yet, I advise you to create one, since a Blog offers you the opportunity to go outside the limits of your website and really develop the voice of your business. Take advantage of that opportunity and don’t be afraid to show the world what you are. Raise your brand’s flag with pride!

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Personalize your wood creations with a branding iron

If you don’t know what to do to pass the time during this boring quarantine, don’t worry! There are various activities that you can do at home and with your family. In this article, we will focus on DIY wood creations!

On the net, there are many ideas to follow to learn how to recycle old wooden furniture, both for the most experienced and for the less experienced, for those who have more possibilities, more manual skills and even more time available and also for those who just want to give a touch of originality to your home with something simple and ecological.

ood creations with a branding iron

Wood is one of the most versatile objects for creative recycling but before using it must be a little “treated”, since it is normally made of raw wood.

The tools, materials, and some original ideas

The DIY definitely has a different appeal: it can cost you time and effort, but the result will give a sense of high satisfaction regardless of the final quality of the product itself. Obviously, the more you dedicate and create objects, the more you gain experience, becoming experts in DIY, refining the knowledge on the most suitable materials to choose, and becoming extremely precise in the design and assembly phases.

So let’s try to draw up a list of things to remember, which can be useful for the design and assembly of your DIY furniture. And if you are also looking for some original ideas, we will give you those too!

We must also think that the best strategy is not to start immediately with the construction, but to design the piece of furniture in black on white, drawing it on a sheet that will serve as a model for the final creation. If the sheet in question is squared you can reproduce the size to scale to be facilitated, at a later time, when you go to buy the necessary materials. So, among the things we need we find paper, pencils, and highlighters.

For the assembly, instead, you will need a series of tools that those who are a little DIY expert know well:

  • Screwdrivers with couplings suitable for all types of screws, both spatula, and star;
  • Drill machine;
  • Bolts;
  • English keys;
  • Hex keys;
  • Pliers;
  • Cutters;
  • Other small tools and components of this kind.

Finally, to make your furniture perfectly functional, small ready-made components such as hinges, handles, small footrests, and so on cannot be missing. It doesn’t always make much sense to create these components from scratch, so it might be worth buying them in specialized stores at very low prices.

Personalize your woodwork

In times of confinement, crafts to do personalization at home become very good companions because, in addition to entertaining us, they allow us to awaken our creativity. It is important to take advantage of the situation to do all those things that you can never do due to lack of time and that you have always wanted to learn.

For that reason, electric branding iron gives you a unique experience to make personalized your wood creations, with the aim that you practice as a family, have a great time, and experiment with your creativity. If what you like is cutting, gluing, and stamping on rigid objects or textiles to create unique pieces, this is the time.

Surely you have some equipment at home with which you feel comfortable when working on the subject of wood crafts, and also, we know that you can go further to get the most out of your imagination. If so and what you want is to enhance your hobby, You’re going to love it!

And for those of you who have not yet started your path in this wonderful world of personalization, you will soon know the infinite possibilities it has. Stay tuned to all our content!

15 creative ideas to do it yourself with wood

So here are some ideas to carry out small big projects made with wood! All you need is the raw material, wood, but you don’t need to go to shops to buy and spend more money. No, some recycled material or a leftover from the latest work done inside the house is enough. The pallet can also be useful for these projects. Good job and happy DIY everyone!

  1. Necklace of pearls… and wood!
  2. Triangular wooden plant holder
  3. Smartphone holder
  4. Colored wooden candle holders
  5. Wall decorations
  6. Alternative coat hanger
  7. Round pots for succulents
  8. Alternative bottle caps
  9. DIY and personalized photo frames
  10. Support for books
  11. Business card holder
  12. Beauty station
  13. Rustic style coasters
  14. Personalized magazine rack
  15. Bottle holder for the kitchen

In the end, wooden crafts can last for many years, but it is not always preserved as it deserves. Furthermore, fashions and trends in interior design are susceptible to significant changes. Either way, DIY wooden furniture making is a great choice if you want to save money and have the skills, and the desire, to get down to business.

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How to Mounting Bike Brake Caliper Like a Pro

In this article, we will walk through the mounting and adjustment for the linear pole rim caliper brake.

Make sure you’re watching the caliper mounting and adjustment that matches your brake type. If you’re not sure what you’re dealing with check this article.

Braking Surface

The linear-pull brake may be found on the rear or the front of the bike. Pivots for the break are located below the braking surface. Left and right arms are pulled together by a single primary wire.

The housing stock is attached to one arm. The cable extends to the other one with the pinch bolt, pulling the lever, brings the pads to the rim.

This is important to know how to tighten your bike brakes properly.


Typical tools and suppliers may include. Hex wrenches for brake caliper, mounting and pad adjustment, a four 10 cable stretcher, Cory crunch, and bits to make sure things are properly tight.

Screwdriver for breaks, centering a cable cutter to trim the brake cable and installing the ANCAP grease. A rag and a thread locker.

Caliper Installation

linear pole breaks Mount to the same frame fittings as the candle lever break, the outside of this surface should get some grease to help them run smooth and not blind.

Do not grease or lubricate the inside threads. There is typically a thread locker on the bolt, or if there’s nine here. The Thread locker could be put inside a grease on the threads would eliminate the purpose of the thread locker.

The brake calipers have a spring that will insert into one of three possible fittings. The topmost fitting provides a lot of spring tension. You may have to twist the pad to get past the fork.

It almost feels like there’s too much tension. The bottom-most hole. Provides very little tension, typically select the middle hole and make sure that both sides are symmetrical and in the same middle hole.

Cable Attachment

The brake cable passes through the housing and the housing will be stopped at what, what is called a noodle.

The noodle acts as a stop for the housing and the cable will pass out to the other arm, allowing us to draw arms together.

You have a lot of leverage on these arms. Uh, it doesn’t take a lot of force to pull the pads together. So typically, just using the hand is enough and here again, we’re tightening the pinch bowl.

It should flatten and crush that cable here. Six Newton meters is a good average. Torque.

Pad Clearance

Well now set the pad clearance at the rim by the feel at the lever. If the pants are too tight, the lever is going to pull and immediately engage.

That is simply too close and the wheel comes out of true at all. It’s going to rub the pads. Additionally, it really doesn’t give us good braking power.

It’s difficult to disengage the quick release mechanism. We shouldn’t be able to pull out the linkage from the noodle.


These brakes are ready for the road and that concludes the process for brake caliper, mounting, and adjustment.

If you’re looking for help on a different procedure relating to rim brakes, we’ve got a whole series, and watch this video for an explanation, how we’ve organized.

4 Important Details that Will Always Be in a Background Check

The thought of a background check terrifies people- naturally. It does not matter whether you have a criminal record or not. Somehow, this instills fear in people. However, it is often a precautionary measure. Every employer will want to know what you have been up to in the past before they can give you a job. It is not only the government offices that ask for your history even the Fortune 500 and some startup businesses will want to know what kind of person you are.

You probably know all that already, but what shows up in a background check? In all honesty, a background check will have a plentiful amount of information concerning your behavior, achievements, and activities over a given period of time. There are some organizations that will go into the deep details and find details from close to twenty years ago. If you are not applying for a job in the CIA or any intelligence service, you need not worry about this. Most corporations will look at details from the past three to ten years ago.

What can you expect in the results?

There are some things that will obviously be in your background check. One of such is your educational background. There is no reason why you should lie that you studied at Harvard University and you have never set foot near the institution. The names of all institutions you have attended, degrees awarded, GPA, date of enrolments, graduation dates, honors, and majors are some of the details concerning your educational background that will be present in the background check.

Employment history is also going to make a prominent appearance in the records. You are only going to be given that job if you have the relevant professional experience. To avoid hiring someone who does not have experience for a job, employers will want to know about your employment history. Where have you worked? How long did you work there? How much were you being paid? What titles did you hold while at that institution? These are some of the questions that will be answered by the background check.

Social Security Number check will also be part of the background check. The employer will want to verify that you are who you claim to be. Impersonation is a very common problem nowadays. This is why the SSN check is vital.

Finally, the information that you are probably scared will show up in your record will be criminal and civil court history. These used to be the original pre-employment background check details. They are still used today to weed out job candidates who are irrelevant. Are there outstanding wants and warrants that have been issued against you? Have you been convicted for any criminal activities? These are the details that you can expect to find in this section.

Generally, this is the information that will be present in the background checks. The check is usually conducted under the authorization of the employee. You have to give your employer written authorization to conduct the check. The information they collect from this check will be used to check whether what you have told them about yourself is correct. Hence, it helps to be honest and upfront.